Eos Cares is the basketball club IK Eos' award-winning social sustainability program, offering services, communities and meeting places for inclusion and social connection across societal groups in Lund. Eos Cares is a spider-in-the-web within Lund's civil society, and a key companion to the municipality and other authorities in joint community efforts. Each year, several thousand people participate in the program, making it one of the largest social initiatives within the Swedish sports movement.


Upon creation, the aims of Eos Cares were set to:


  • Welcome new societal groups in the club’s community.

  • Open up Eoshallen as a center for integration, language training and social establishment.


Over time the scope has evolved, and an additional aim has been added:


  • Develop methods and solutions for how the sports movement can contribute to societal challenges.


Eos Cares activities are currently channelled through three separate methods:


  • "Eos Social Hub" is offering a wide range of activities for social inclusion, open for everyone and targeting the entirety of the general public. Programs involved are the Eos Language Café, Language Tandem Program, Welcome to Lund, Local Discoveries etc.

  • Prisma is a tailored approach to support the local refugee community with establishment efforts and social activities. Within the Prisma framework has been established initiatives for e.g. job market integration, language acceleration & youth entrepreneurship development.

  • Since 2020, Eos Cares is collaborating with the Skåne Basketball Federation’s iniviative Hemmaplan, to facilitate the development of the social sports club HSIF Klostergården, which is Hemmaplan’s first establishment in the city of Lund.


Eos Cares was founded in 2016, and has since been developing exponentially, mainly thanks to the enthusiastic participation of a number of talented social entrepreneurs, as well as an amazing community of participants and volunteers that provide a friendly, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere to the program's activities.


In 2019, the program passed the level of 2 000 unique yearly participants, making it one of the leading social initiatives within the Swedish sports movement.

The efforts of Eos Cares have been recognised through several awards.