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Eos Cares business collaborations:


with Eos Cares!

Collaborate with a dynamic integration project, and use our activities to enrich your staff. Set up your package of:

- Introduction & Inspirational Lecture

A fun and inspirational presentation of the collaboration with Eos Cares.

- Volunteering Session

Get engaged live in community efforts.

- Cook-along

Practice your cooking skills all together.

- Language Coaching

For staff members desiring a boost in foreign language development.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.



For making an extended impact in the local community.

Eos Cares has a range of social activities running, a know-how on social engagement and a network of people and organizations involved in community development. Combining with the resources that your organization has through your staff, management procedures, market position and other assets, let us talk about putting an impressive Corporate Social Responsibility program together.

Contact us to initiate a discussion.

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