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Welcome to the Eos Cares recruitment page!
This is how we involve new volunteers & interns.


Submit your application for a volunteering position or an internship.

Most likely you have already done this - and in our reply we have directed you to this page.


Learn more about Eos Cares.

Download and read through our pdf presentation of Eos Cares, explaining everything you need to know to work within our organisation.



Questionnaire in preparation for interview.


Please complete our questionnaire, which provides us with the information we need to efficiently process your application, and to decide which one of our managers will be responsible for your interview.

Questionnaire - Volunteers

Questionnaire - Interns

Questionnaire SWE-Volunteers
Questionnaire SWE-Interns

Svensktalande språkvolontärer - använd denna länk!



Once the questionnaire is completed, we will schedule an interview with you.

At the interview, you will meet with your future line manager (interns) or activity manager (volunteers).


You can expect a decision on your application shortly after the interview.

For volunteers - you will schedule a starting date together with your activity manager.

For employees/interns - your involvement will start with an introduction week, where you get to participate in most of Eos Cares activities. At the start of week 2, we will have an assignment meeting, where we discuss your tasks, roles & responsibilities, and provide you with an Individuell Utvecklingsplan (IUP, Individual Development Plan) for your work with Eos Cares.


Any questions about the process?
Do not hesitate to let us know!

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