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The Concept

Eos Language Café is a place for people to meet other language learners, socialize and practice language conversation.

We always offer conversations in Swedish and English. When possible, we are adding more languages.

It is open to everyone, regardless of occupation, age, and language skill level.

The Sessions

Eos Language Café @Eoshallen
Tuesdays: 17:00-19:00
Wednesdays: 10.00-12.00


Arkivgatan 32, Lund

Eos Language Café @Ideon

Ideon Alfa, lokal "Square"

Scheelevägen 15, Lund

Linero Språk- & Hantverkscafé


Vi bjuder på lunch för alla deltagare!

Hyresgästlokalen Linero

Linero Torg 18, Lund

Want to join?

No pre-registration needed - just show up, take a seat and join the conversation!

Volunteers - participants speaking their native language (Swedish/English) - are highly appreciated!

Sounds interesting?

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