Every year, about 2500 international students are introduced to the city of Lund through the University’s International Mentor groups. Together with the arrival program during the first few weeks, this opens the doors to an amazing social community and a time-of-your-life experience. But what if you are a professional, an intern, a spouse joining a recruited partner or just a newly arrived looking for a starting point for your social life here? Who is then taking care of your social establishment?

Eos Cares, the integration program of the IK Eos basketball club, is tapping into this void by forming a group of International Mentors for newcomers within the professional community and everyone else taking their first steps at their new home. Inspired by the University, we schedule a series of social activities through which the mentors introduce the region to the newly arrived and allow for them to bond with each other as well as with our mentors.

The pilot round of the program took place from September-October 2019. The second round, under the name of "New in Skåne-Introduction Program" has been put on hold due to the corona virus situation.

Below you can see pictures from the first round of the program in September:
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