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Internships Eos Cares Fall 2017

Interested in teaming up with one of the most dynamic social projects in the region?

IK Eos is the largest basketball club in southern Sweden, counting over 800 members. The club’s social programme, Eos Cares, is continuously developing and we are now counting 9 ongoing activities:

Learning Seminars, every second Monday at 16-17.30

Eos International Open Daycare, every Tuesday at 10-12

Swedish for Expats, every Wednesday at 10-12

International Pub Night, every second Thursday at 20-22

Eos Language Café, every Saturday at 13-15

Eos Student Basketball, Wednesdays and Sundays at 21-22.30

Eos Cares Junior Basketball, Sundays and Mondays at 20-21

Lund Integration Fair, last Saturday of every month

Lundauppropet, a community project to assist refugees in finding accommodation

For more info about each activity, check our websites and

For the upcoming semester, we are upgrading our organization and are now looking to create at least 4 internships, covering various areas of our activities. The following are the key roles that will be available, and furthermore will be opportunities to join several of the Managemant Teams of our activities.

Eos Language Café Manager

The main responsibility of the Eos Language Café manager is to lead and develop a team that arranges the Eos Language Café every week. This includes recruiting people, organizing events, marketing and driving a feedback process with visitors and volunteers, about how the activity can be continuously improved.

HR Manager

The responsibility of the HR function is to recruit and reward volunteers. The HR Manager will in charge of processes for identifying people interested in joining the organization, interviewing and assigning to our various teams. Also, as the substantial reward of engaging in Eos Cares is meeting and connecting with people, the HR Manager is responsible for facilitating this process and to find ways of creating additional interaction between various teams and activity groups.

Event Manager

The Event Manager is working closely together with the HR Manager and the Communications Manager, being responsible for creating special events that bring the entire Eos Cares organization together and that further enhances the value of engaging within the project.

Recruitment Managers

The Recruitment Managers are working closely together with the HR Manager, taking the role of contact person towards one or several target groups from which volunteers are recruited. The Recruitment Manager will have a close connection to the target group, and

the main tasks will be marketing, interviewing candidates and assigning these to responsible managers.

Supporter Team Manager

The aim of the Supporter Team is to unite participants of all Eos Cares activities and bring them together in social gatherings centered around the Eos A-team home games and the Eos Cares Senior Basketball tournaments. One part of it is to organize a vibrant crowd chanting group to support the home team’s efforts, and another part is creating a community of the group through continuous social events and animation training.

External Network Manager

The External Network Manager will work closely together with the Eos Cares Programme Manager and the Eos Business Manager, to set up and develop collaborations with external organizations, for example companies, public institutions, NGO’s and student organizations.

The internships will correspond to either a 50% (20 hour) or a 25% (10 hour) work week. Depending on the interests and availability of candidates, the roles can to some extent be combined with each other, and/or with positions in the Management Teams of our activities.

We believe that major requisites to be successful in the roles are ability to organize and structure activities, as well as to connect with people, inspire and involve.

We are offering a symbolic salary of 1000 SEK/month (20-hour work week) or 500 SEK/month (10-hour work week). However, the main reward for the interns will of course be the opportunity to drive forward an impactful social project, to collaborate with an extensive network of great people, and to learn from the inside the functioning of a large Swedish association.

Please send your application with a brief description/cover letter and CV to No final date for applications, as interviews will be scheduled continuously until the recruitments are in place.

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