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Eos Language Café is up and running

Eos Language Café is now running again, every Saturday at 13-15 at Eoshallen. Last week, together with the Lund Integration Fair, we launched a couple of the developments for the new semester.

New and improved Swedish tables

Earlier we have tried to set up three levels of conversation for the Swedish tables: Beginner, Intermediate and Advance. This semester we have further developed this structure, through a new organisation with separate managers for each level. Eos intern Femi Adeniyi has worked hard during the summer to create a program for the Beginner table, and here we want to create a good environment for everyone that is not yet at the point of being able to enjoy a conversation in Swedish. Last Saturday we saw a mix of various exercises, games and facilitators explaining words or pronunciation, a very promising initiative that hopefully can spark a lot of people in getting through the initial phase of the Swedish learning. Joel Ukhagbe from the Eos board will be in charge of the Intermediate level, which allowing for people to start using Swedish in a controlled setting and move towards being comfortable in daily conversations. This Saturday he will receive help from the Eos Women’s team, who will visit the Language Café to assist in conversations and share what it’s like to play basketball on a team that last season finished in the top-8 of the country. For the Advance level Samer Alkhudary, who has helped out building Eos Language Café from the very start, will direct his efforts towards the table where people already have fluency in speaking, but want to keep improving or simply socialize and meet people. To be able to offer this, we are of course as always extremely grateful to the Swedish speakers who visit the tables and enable the conversations to take place. Your efforts are hugely appreciated, and really make a difference for a lot of people who are in the process of getting established in the region. For anyone who wants to join this great group of people, just visit us on a Saturday and speak to Femi, Joel or Samer, depending on at which level you would like to assist. Or of course you could also simply e-mail us at

Why register at entrance?

Another new feature which was introduced last week was the registration table at the entrance of the café. By registering the number of visitors of each session, together with the name and date of birth of each participant, we will receive funding through the national activity support for associations, which of course is important for us to be able to keep offering the events and to further improve our delivery. For communications purposes, we will also ask for your e-mail address and possibly some additional information on a voluntary basis. Once you have registered this, for your next visits you will only have to note your arrival. Language learning is a key element for developing your mind, see you at Eoshallen!

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