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New seminar series : All about food!

Episode 1: Where to buy? : A guide in finding the right food ingredients in Sweden

New in Lund? Have you ever had any difficulty finding certain food ingredients? Have you ever been confused by the Swedish product names (what on earth is filmjölk)? Bring your questions and failed shopping experiences to us! We pay you back with fika! Come and join a “Where to Buy” seminar at EOS Hallen. Qianqian Xing, an enthusiast about groceries, will go through some of your common confusions at supermarkets, and much more.

Feel free to raise questions and share your own experience. We serve warm coffee/tea/cocoa and cookies at the seminar.

The seminar is followed by two more seminars, What to Eat and How to Cook. Follow our Facebook page Eos Cares to receive updates about the coming seminars!

See you at Eoshallen, on the 12th of October, 19:00-20:15.

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