Do you have more apples than you need?

As this is apple season in Skåne, Eos Cares would love to take care of your left over apples! We can make cakes, pies or juice for our many activities and none will go to waste.

Please drop your apples at Eoshallen at these times:

Saturdays, 30/09, 07/10, 14/10, at 10.30 – 16

Sundays, 01/10, 08/10, 15/10, at 16 – 20

Tuesdays, 03/10, 10/10, at 9 – 13

Wednesdays, 04/10, 11/10, at 9 – 13

If you need someone to come and collect your apples or help you pick them from the trees, please call: 0724213565 or email:

Thank you!

You can share this news with your neighbors or friends who have apple trees by downloading the flyer here.

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