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Eos Cares looking for interns for Fall semester 2018

Interested in joining one of the most dynamic social projects in the region?

IK Eos is the largest basketball club in southern Sweden, counting a shade under 900 members. The club’s social program, Eos Cares, was initiated in January 2016 and is currently providing a dozen different activities, events and projects within the areas of social connection, language development, work experience and housing. Now we are looking to further reinforce our organization, in order to continue developing towards our vision of becoming a model for large-scale integration through sports, and a live example of how sports associations can and should contribute in societal challenges.

As an intern with Eos Cares, you will be part of our Management Team and participate in delivering our various initiatives, as well as driving the continuous behind-the-scenes development of our organization. Our work is relying on seven core processes: Volunteer recruitment, Intern recruitment, Service, Financing, Data management, Communication and Marketing. Together these create the platform on which we base our activities.

We aim to be an organization that is open for anyone who wants to engage in a social project, and instead of recruiting specific roles we want to recruit individuals, and as we get to know each other we match the intern’s skills and interests with the responsibilities and assignments that we have a need for. However, we keep an extra eye for people with any of the following abilities:

- The ability to take responsibility for bringing an idea into reality

There are plenty of ideas within Eos Cares to be developed, but we are also an arena where anyone that already has an idea can bring it to life, provided that it aligns with our vision. The one condition is the understanding that with an idea comes the responsibility to do the work necessary to fulfill it.

- The ability to organize

The process of delivering an activity or an event includes planning, recruiting and instructing volunteers, bringing in participants and a lot of communication. This ability to organize, to motivate and inspire people, to keep balls in the air and to communicate clear and sharp messages is very much of value in our setting.

- The ability to do the little things

Behind the scenes of all successful activities is a lot of work that is appreciated only by those who know what it actually took to deliver them. Through our core processes we are trying to streamline the procedures that make the programme efficient, but there is much to be done for the one that understands administration and has the discipline and patience to do the little things right.

- The ability to network and to connect

Integration is collaboration, and the initiatives that we are able to carry out together with other organizations usually have a much bigger impact than what we do on our own. These collaborations can be with other NGO’s, with public institutions and/or with employers aiming to take a wider responsibility for their employees and their community. Anyone that is able to build connections and to open doors will bring great value to our progress.

- The ability to lead sports groups

The core activity of Eos is basketball, but you do not have to be a trained basketball coach to be a great sports leader. The basketball programme within Eos Cares is aiming primarily to make people exercise and socialize together, and secondarily to inspire people to play and enjoy more basketball. Anyone knowing how to create a good team atmosphere will enjoy the process of learning basketball together with our players, who to a large extent are also complete beginners.

If this sounds interesting to join, please contact us at with a brief cover letter and CV. We will try to meet you to get to know each other, and in the discussion we will look at how we can set up a role that is mutually beneficial for both parties. The internships are unpayed, but hopefully much rewarding in the sense that it provides the opportunity to collaborate with an extensive network of great people, to make an impact in a field where much help is needed, and to learn from the inside how a large and promising social project is managed and developed.

We happily collaborate with academic institutions in supervising students that have the possibility to do an internship as part of their study programme. In 2017 we had a great experience with an intern from the behavioural science programme at Lund University.

The working week can be set to anything from 10 hours per week up to full time 40 hours, and the length of the internship can be flexible but at least 4 months. Our busiest time of the year is the last two weeks of August, so if possible to get prepared and started up before that, it is very helpful. Many, but not all, of our activities are taking place outside of regular office hours.

No final date for applications, interviews will be scheduled continuously until the recruitments are in place.

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