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Please give us your bike!

Leaving Lund by the end of the semester, and have no time for the process of finding a buyer of your bike? We have a solution for you!

During the last year, over 1.000 people have visited Eos Cares various social activities; language cafés, cooking evenings, basketball trainings and lately seminars about the job market, potluck party and discovery trips into surrounding nature. This is not possible without the fantastic efforts of great people volunteering their time to help our programme!

We hope that engaging in the Eos community and in the organization of our activities is rewarding in itself for everyone helping us out. But where possible we try to return additional value.

And this takes us to our bike exchange offer. Come August, bikes in Lund are hard to come by, and usually sold at insane prices. So if you give us your leftover bike, we will take care of it, and offer it to one of our new volunteers next semester. A small gesture that we believe is much appreciated by someone that has just arrived to town, and is struggling to establish the daily infrastructure!

You can give us your bike in two ways, just choose the one most convenient for you: 1. Bring it to Eoshallen. Park it in the bike stand, hand in the key to the janitor and write a short description of what it looks like so that we can identify it. 2. Leave your bike anywhere in Lund. Tape the key somewhere on the bike and send us a photo of the bike to, or by fb messenger to our page “Eos Cares”. Please mention in the message where it is parked and where we find the key.

We would like to have a committee receiving you all when you arrive at Eoshallen, but even if you would have to open the doors yourself, know that your contribution is really warming our hearts!

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