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Lund Basketball Challenge survived pipe explosion - 15 teams competed in Vikingahallen!

During May 24th there was a water leak in the street outside of Eoshallen. The leak was repaired, but later in the evening when the water was turned back on with full pressure, the entry connection to Eoshallen exploded and the gym was severely flooded. The floor in Eoshallen is now being repaired, but thanks to some swift maneuvering by the Eos office we were able to use Vikingahallen in Lund to carry out the tournament as scheduled on May 26th.

15 teams showed up for the tournament. After several rounds of intense games, the team "Småland ft. Jokkmokk" ended up as winners, and could return back to Jönköping with championship glory and a lot of world ranking points.

Great thanks to everyone who competed and made it a memorable event!

Lund Basketball Challenge is an initiative where Eos Cares aims to provide the opportunity to play competitive basketball to players of all levels, without needing to be a member of a club or to commit to play in a league for an entire season! The first Lund Basketball Challenge took place on April 21st, where 27 teams competed in the 3x3 format. On May 20th, four teams played a 5x5 full-court mini tournament, and on May 26th the tournament was played 4x4 half-court with 15 teams.

Drawing on experiences from these initial tournaments, we are looking to launch this new form of basketball competition widely during the 2018-19 season.

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