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Creating a Climate of Change!

“Be the change you wish to see in this world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Climate change, refugee crisis, gender inequality etc these words have now become a part of our everyday lexicon. There seem to be decline in mental health and a disconnect with oneself and nature. On the flip side, you see these amazing social startups, technological innovations, grassroot movements, a sort of social uprising fighting the ills of the society.

At the heart of Eos Cares, is a deep-seated interest to share and spread knowledge thats aligns with our mission of bridging communities, integrating people from different cultures and co-creating an awesome meeting place for all in the city of Lund. As a part of our ongoing effort to provide a platform for learning, we have invited Golo Pilz, a renewable energy expert from India. Coming from a humble background in Germany, he takes us on a journey to enlighten us about the milestones he has achieved and the inner transformation he has brought about enabling him to be successful both inside-out!

Our next Learning Seminar will be something out of the ordinary. Join us and be inspired!

Read more about the seminar and register here.

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