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Local Discoveries continues with 4 new destinations!

During the spring and summer, Eos has established the Local Discoveries series of excursions to interesting places in Skåne. The idea is very simple – we meet at Eoshallen, fill as many cars as possible, and drive together to a place in the region that holds great experiential value, and that most people in Lund would not have heard of or been able to reach by themselves!

So far we have visited Häckebergasjön, Billebjer, Söderåsen and twice Vombsjön. The trips will continue during the fall, as we are extending the series with 4 new excursions!

On the 26th of August, we will head for the area of Helsingborg, where nature surrounds the city and even reaches into its very core. To be discovered will also be the fortress of Kärnan and the castles of Sofiero and Pålsjö.

Here is the facebook event with all the info and how to register.

On Election Day, the 9th of September, we will make a shorter trip to allow for everyone to be back home well on time before the voting stations close (Yes, you are allowed to vote in the local and regional elections, even if you are not a Swedish citizen). This takes us to the beautiful cultural landscape that surrounds the village of Torna Hällestad, with the meadows, fields, ridges and beech forests that are typical for the non-agricultured parts of the Skåne countryside. You will also find out that our region is not as flat as it may seem.

Here is the facebook event with all the info and how to register.

Two weeks later, on the 23rd of September, we continue to the coastline going south from the village of Glumslöv, with an amazing view over Öresund and the island of Ven.

Facebook event and registration link to be announced soon!

And finally, on the 7th of October, as the Skåne forests are taking on their autumn colors, we will repeat the very appreciated July excursion to the national park of Söderåsen, the largest cohesive noble leaf forest of northern Europe and a can’t-miss for anyone inspired by fresh air and wilderness.

Facebook event and registration link to be announced soon!

To stay connected with all the events, info and updates, join the facebook group “Local Discoveries”!

Click here to go directly to the registration page for all excursions.

Want to become a Designated Driver, and help us plan for more Local Discoveries activities? Read more about our available volunteering assignments.

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