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Learning Seminars: Socialize, Develop & Get Involved with Eos Cares

Who are these Eos Cares, what do they do, and why, and how can they help me in my social, professional or educational challenges? A new season is just starting up, and Eos Cares is ready to serve as a support, a social arena and a source of inspiration for thousands of people!

A new element of the upcoming season is that Wednesday evenings will be dedicated to learning and development, on both a personal and a professional level. Every Wednesday at 19.00-20.45, we will host Learning Seminars at Eoshallen, starting on August 22nd with a series that we call "Socialize, Develop & Get Involved with Eos Cares".

The seminar "Socialize, Develop & Get Involved with Eos Cares" has as main purpose to reply to the questions at the top of the article. But in addition, we will do it in an interactive way where all participants get to meet and socialize with the others, and in this way get a taste of the atmosphere we are building around all our activities in Eoshallen.

Regardless of whether you want to play basketball, learn how to cook, practice language conversation or discover the beauty of our region, this seminar will provide you with all you need to know for getting involved with Eos Cares during the upcoming season. It will be run for three consecutive weeks, so you only need to attend one of the Wednesdays.

Register for the seminar through this link!

New in Lund? Go to Eoshallen!

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