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Eos Language Café re-starts - and meet your local politicians!

Did you know that even if you are not a Swedish citizen, you are allowed to vote in the local and regional elections? Our local politicians are much aware of this, and during the upcoming 3 Saturdays, representatives of several parties will visit the Eos Language Café to meet with our visitors.

Within the Swedish section, every party present will have its own table. Feel free to make good use of this, get to know your decision-makers and learn about their perspectives on our local challenges during the upcoming years! In addition, our language café will be running as usual - we expect to have several tables for Swedish conversation, also tables for conversation in English and hopefully now during the re-start we can establish tables for a few more languages. Another addition of the upcoming semester is the new speaking game - try it out and enjoy the dynamic it brings to the conversations! No registration necessary, just show up! And of course we are offering free coffee, tea and cookies to all visitors.

Here you can see the facebook event, feel free to share and invite your friends!

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