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Kulturbro - A new arena for Language and Cultural Exchange in collaboration with Stadsbiblioteket

On September 17th, Eos Cares launches together with Stadsbiblioteket (the Lund City Library) a new weekly event, that combines the opportunity to practice language with learning about the Swedish culture and discussions on how it compares with other countries. Welcome to Kulturbro – an intercultural afterwork and språkmingel!

Every Monday, 18:00-19.30, both Swedes and internationals are invited to the city library to meet, exchange, socialize, learn, reflect, understand and have fun together.

Every week features a specific topic such as: How does the political system work? Which role plays nature in the society? What about social relations? Which literature and historical events shape the whole country? After a brief introduction in 5-10 min by e.g. a short video, a quiz, or a presentation, the arena is open for discussions and exchange.

The afterwork provides a meeting place in Lund where internationals and Swedes can get in touch and get to know each other better. Just hang out together and share experiences, ask questions, explain and report about the life in Sweden and other countries – without any pressure, and in a relaxed and motivating atmosphere.

Kulturbro also aims to be a forum for language exchange. Kulturbro provides a room to apply and practice Swedish on various levels, but also opens opportunities for conversations and language partners in other languages. Particularly when a classical language course does not fit in your agenda or you are searching for something more applicable and interactive, this forum can be the right choice for you. While listening and speaking to mother-tongue and other language speakers you gain more self-confidence and activate your passive and theoretical language skills.

Starting at 18:00 at Martas Café you have the opportunity to mingle and network over fika/light snacks (at a reduced price) before we proceed to either Utsikten or Atriumgården (all rooms in Lunds Stadsbiblioteket).

Looking forward to seeing you there!

For further details have a look here (, join the Facebook Group ”Kulturbro Lund” or check our weekly events on You can also contact

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