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Eos Cares invites all Volunteers, Helpers & Managers for a Brunch on Sep 15th!

Eos Cares would like to invite all Volunteers, Helpers & Managers for a brunch on Saturday September 15th, at 11.00-12.30 in Eoshallen!

The main purpose of the event is simply to provide an opportunity for everyone to know each other. In addition, we will of course be able to answer to questions and inquirys regarding the involvement, and in this way make sure that everyone is aligned for the upcoming semester! During the morning, our kitchen team is hosting a special Bake-along, that is serving the brunch with fresh bakery. And after the brunch, the festivities continues with our usual Language Café. The event is of course for free.

Sounds like something to join? Then just write your name here, and if you are not yet signed up as a manager or volunteer, just take a look at what roles we are offering and fill in the form at the bottom of the page before returning here to register for the brunch.

Please register by Thursday Sep 13th, so that we know how much food to prepare.

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