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Career Networking for Life Science Professionals in Skåne

Career is a significant part of our life. Many of us struggle to find their dream job after pursuing a decent education. However, this journey could be hard to overcome as a lonely wolf.

In January 2018, Mehdi Osooli PhD and Ahu Karademir Andersson also a PhD from Lund who were actively seeking jobs back then, started an initiative to provide peer support to job seekers in the field of life science in Skåne. They formed a ”Career Networking for Life Science Professionals in Skåne, Sweden” with a LinkedIn group and regular monthly meetings between January and June 2018. The initiative received a lot of attention and support from job seekers and also from the persons and organizations willing to help and collaborate in this area.

Since then, the initiative has covered various subject including job search strategy, CV writing, and strengthening mental health for a better career. Our ambition is to continue this journey and provide voluntary-based support to all job-seekers in the area of life sciences in Skåne. Here is the program for the fall of 2018:

September 27th: "Make jobs hunting you using LinkedIn"

Mehdi Osooli

17:30-19:00, at Eoshallen

October 18th: "How to write an outstanding cover letter?

17:30-19:00, at Eoshallen

November 15th: "Job interviews: the essentials that matters"

Amir Noorbakhsh

17:30-19:00, at Eoshallen

December 20th: "Career search: overcoming disparities"

17:30-19:00, at Eoshallen

Eos Cares is very happy to welcome this initiative into our family of activities!

If you have any questions or want to contribute, please send an email to

Note! Many of the topics and skills being discussed are just as relevant outside of the Life Science field. Therefore, also professionals and job seekers from other backgrounds are welcome to join the events!

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