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Eos Cares launches new seminar series within the area of Sustainability & Mindfulness

Sustainability & Mindfulness is a new branch of social activities at EOS Cares. As the name suggests, it is a two-part programme.

Events coming under Sustainability is targeted to anyone who is interested to learn more the current sustainability issues we are facing today. Through seminars & workshop based programmes, we will provide a platform to local actors in the city who are the real change-makers. Our aim is to spread awareness about global issues and take action locally to combat the problems. Think global act local!

Click here to join the upcoming learning seminar titled “Health & climate change” on the 19th of September, and here is the facebook event for more info and for sharing/inviting. Our speaker, Dr Rabinarayan Dash is a Swedish-Indian Rheumatologist, will give us glimpses of his journey as a doctor, author and philosopher. He will shed light on how to lead a sustainable life and give us the necessary tools to improve our physical and mental health, as well as put forward a case that by loving our nature we can think rationally about sustainability. As a natural progression from health we move on to a more practical workshop on food preservation & fermentation. It is an age-old tradition followed by many cultures around the world as a way to keep food edible for a long time. Agata from will hold this hands-on workshop and teach us the ancient art of food preservation on the 3rd of October.

Further, as a follow up of our super successful event called Creating a climate of change held in June, we would like to refresh our memory on the message delivered by Golo Pilz and for those of you attending for the first time would get a glimpse of the immense power individuals hold to make changes in the environment. This event will be held on the 24th October.

Finally, a seminar will be given by our Eos Cares project leader Axel Wallin, who will share insights on “life-efficiency” where we get to learn about different techniques and experiment with them practically. Join us on this exciting journey on the 7th of November.

All events are free of charge and held at Eoshallen.

Behind these seminars is our Sustainability & Mindfulness Manager Madhuri Muralidhar, who joined Eos Cares during the spring of 2018 and has since provided a noteworthy impact in developing our programme into this new and very exiting area.

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