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Become an Eos Cares Ambassador!

We are recruiting Eos Cares Ambassadors, passionate people who can be the powerful and precious link between us and another organisation. What does this mean to you and your organisation? How to apply? Find the answers below.



Entering October, Eos Cares is looking back on a successful launch of the 2018-19 season. Our calendar of activities has grown, we are drawing even more participants and our great group of managers, volunteers and helpers is larger than ever.

Eos Cares Local Discoveries

Eos Cares Cook-along on 30th September, Indian Theme

Via Eos Cares, more and more people of different ages and backgrounds are meeting each other, becoming friends, and having fun together. Even our website's reach has taken off during the last two months(see the graph below), partyly due to our upgraded sign-up system. See an example here.

Eos Cares website visitor amount, site visits 1 Nov 2017 - 2 Oct 2018.

(Hopefully the graph will recover as the month of October progresses.)

We think all these results are awesome. Yet so far we are mostly approaching participants on an individual level. We would like to involve more people through connecting with organisations. This is where Eos Cares Ambassador comes in, and where we need YOU. Read the next section to find out about what it means.

Eos Cares Ambassador

Welcome to apply regardless of age or background!

What is Eos Cares Ambassador?

As an ambassador, you will be that powerful and precious link between Eos Cares and another organisation of your choice. You will present our activities and services, mainly in three potential ways:

1. Share information of Eos Cares activities and events, that are of special interest for your organisation. This is most easily done through sharing of events & posts on social media, but also through e-mail, internal communication channels and word of mouth.

2. Create initiatives that involve both organisations. Most Eos Cares activities are open for the wide public and do not have a maximum amount of participants, such as Eos Language Café. Hence they can be used as opportunities for your organisation to come together and try out a new form of socializing. But we also have flexibility and capacities of setting up new initiatives, meeting the interests of both sides.

Ikano Bostad at Eos Cares Language Café

Ikano Bostad's Social Day at Prata Svenska, 2017

3. Look for opportunities to present Eos Cares services for businesses and employers, that are targeting managers at all levels who want to do something good for their employees and/or engage their teams in something meaningful for the community. These services are designed to bring value to your organisation in a way that simultaneously contributes to the growth and diffusion of the Eos Cares program.

The Ambassadors will form a group that meet on a monthly basis, and in this way we aim to make it a resourceful network for the participants, with connections into a variety of companies, institutions and associations within the Skåne region. We will also create an online internal group for the Ambassadors, where we will work to coordinate launches of events and posts.

Sounds good? The next section will explain for you how to apply to become an ambassador of Eos Cares.


How to Apply

Apply for becoming an Eos Cares Ambassador here. In the field "Which role(s) or assignment(s) are you applying for?" please note "Ambassador" and in the field "Anything you would like to add or describe about yourself?" please mention the organisation you would like to connect. If you prefer to simply send an e-mail instead of using the form, simply drop one to

If any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are much looking forward to your application.

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