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Eos Cares is now recruiting an Edible Fruits Tour Manager

Through collaboration with the Lund-based NGO within the field of sustainability, ABC, we are looking to expand the Local Discoveries concept with walking tours for collection of edible fruits.

As an Edible Fruit Tour Manager, you will combine ABC's knowledge of fruits and maps with Eos Cares communication channels and network built up around the Local Discoveries series, to bring people together for pleasurable walks inside and around the city of Lund.

Together with ABC, you will design routes and destinations where the participants will find various kinds of fruits that are available to the public. Eos Cares will teach you how to use of our online platform to market events and to collect registrations, and help you get the trips started the same way that we run our Local Discoveries excursions.

Local Discoveries activities are generally held on Sundays. If possible, we are hoping to call for a tour on the 4th of Nov 2018, which is probably the last chance of the season to find good fruits. For the upcoming season, you will be free to decide for yourself on dates and frequency of tours.

Apply to become an Edible Fruits Tour Manager through this link!

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