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108 people danced in the International Potluck!

Exactly 100 people checked in at the Fall 2018 International Potluck in collaboration with ESN Lund and The Right Move Dance, and together with our 8 performers the event made for a joyful evening of food, play and dance.

As should be in a potluck, everyone contributed to the dinner table which ended up pretty amazing, and while enjoying the food the guests received a jaw-dropping performance from The Right Move Dance team that actually has been formed very recently and a few of the dancers were only three weeks into their ballroom dance careers.

After the dinner, all participants were invited to learn some basics of ballroom dance, and to try dropping some moves. Anyone who got inspired to practice the art further, do not hesitate to visit The Right Move's open dancing events that take place every week!

As always, the Eoshallen facilities allowed for a wide range of play - many thanks to Tamam for giving attention to the little ones.

And for everyone who wants to come back for a similar event: SAVE THE DATE - DECEMBER 1ST, at 17.30-20.30, which is when a number of Lund associations involved in integration will host a joint CHRISTMAS PARTY. More info will be spread shortly through web & social media, make sure to stay updated.

Finally, more pictures from the event can be found on the facebook event page - please upload! - and last but not least, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped out in making this happen, including getting the entire court, kitchen and cafeteria restored to initial condition in less than 30 minutes!

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