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Eos Cares activities re-starting after the holidays!

At Eos Cares, we hope that you have enjoyed a nice and refreshing holiday, and this week we are back to action again! Here below you will find out from which dates our weekly activities are running, and also read about some new plans for the spring semester.

January 8th, International Playgroup

Our weekly meeting point for parents & kids not yet in kindergarten is running on Tuesdays between 10-12 in Eoshallen. Here is the facebook event for more info and sharing!

January 9th, Prata Svenska

New Year's resolution to improve your Swedish? How about starting off with a visit to our Language Café on Wednesday mornings 10-12 in Eoshallen! Also for this activity we have a facebook event.

January 9th, Basketball Training

The Eos Cares Basketball Team is practicing in Eoshallen on Wednesdays at 21-22.30 and Sundays at 20.00-22.00. New in Lund and want to pick up playing? Read more about our basketball trainings for players at a recreational level.

January 10th, Yoga

Join us in Eoshallen for a weekly practice of your inner sustainability! The yoga sessions in collaboration with ESN Lund take place for now every Thursday at 17-18 - however stay tuned as we are working on a new time and location! Facebook event.

January 12th, Eos Language Café

Saturdays is as always a day for language learners to gather in Eoshallen, between 13-15 we offer the opportunity to practice Swedish, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German or Spanish! See also the facebook event.

January 13th, Bollkul

Semi-organised play for parents & kids 1,5-5 years old, every Sunday at 9-10 in Eoshallen! Here is the facebook event.

January 14th, Kulturbro

Our much-appreciated Language & Culture After Work at Lunds Stadsbibliotek is picking up again on Monday the 14th, as usual between 18.00-19.30. In the opening session, you will get to try a card game for Swedish conversation, developed by Simrishamns kommun!

... and more!

In addition to these activities, a number of new initiatives will be presented during the upcoming weeks:

- "Bollkul Special", on Saturdays 13.00-14.30, will be an opportunity to bring kids 2-8 years old to play in Eoshallen, while parents can either participate or leave them to supervision of our staff while joining the language café. Targeted launch date is January 26th.

- An online portal for Language Tandeming, i.e. for language learners to pair up on a "you teach me your language, I'll teach you mine" basis.

- A new Learning Seminar schedule for the spring semester will be released, with repeats of some of our most appreciated seminars from the fall, as well as several new topics.

- Cook-along and Bake-along will come along as previously, check our event announcements on facebook.

- The Green Orchestra is a new initiative to unite participants from all parts of the Eos Basketball Club, into a community of volunteers and supporters.

Stay connected for more info ahead!

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