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Kulturbro – practice Swedish in a relaxed atmosphere

In fall 2018 Eos Cares established in cooperation with the City library of Lund a new, very popular format of intercultural exchange and language learning: ”Kulturbro – interkulturell afterwork och språkmingel”. The activity restarted again on the 14th January and will continue until April 29th.

Every Monday from 18-19.30 a group of 25 -35 participants (among them 4-7 Swedes) meet to mingle, network, get to know each other, ask questions, tell, explain and exchange about different topics. By this they learn and practice Swedish and get to know more about Swedish (and other countries’) culture and society.

The participants have totally different backgrounds and occupations – coming to Sweden as a refugee, as an expat, as a student, as a following family member, as someone born in Sweden but raised in another country, etc. Most people are working fulltime or studying during the day – happy about a place to practice Swedish language in an easy and relaxed atmosphere like in a language café, but in the evening and in a somehow more structured and focused way. But people are also coming because of the nice and international atmosphere, the vivid exchange with like minded people, the opportunity to meet people in a similar situation.

The topics in fall were quite broad and overviewing: e.g. traditions & festivities, social relations, food, nature and landscape, history, the political system, literature, health system, working culture and likely. At tables of 5-8 people the participants introduced themselves and got to know each other better, exchanged about the day’s topic led by some questions, followed by a short input in form of a video, a quiz, a presentation and accompanying material. At the end everyone had learned something new, not only Swedish words and expressions, but also tips for e.g. sights and landscapes to visit, books and films to watch or read, websites to be checked etc.

For spring a similar format is intended, topics ranging this time from ”Sweden from A-Ö” over ”inventions, innovations and companies”, ”celebrities”, ”media”, ”transport”, ”music”, ”gender”, ”raising children” etc. There will also be room for own contributions of participants, interactive games and hopefully the one or other excursion.

If you are interested in joining this intercultural afterwork and språkmingel you are welcome every Monday evening, 18-19.30, at the City library in Lund! You will find us either in Atriumgården or Utsikten (close to the childrens’ books’ session).

You can also join our Facebook group ”Kulturbro Lund”, check our weekly events or contact

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