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LANGUAGE TANDEM PROGRAM - Eos Cares launches community and match-making service for language learner

There are many elements in learning a language, but the most essential one may be the practice of spoken conversation together with an already fluent speaker. In our language cafés we are offering conversational practice in group settings, and to this we are now adding another piece - a Language Tandem Program where language learners are matched and introduced to each other, to work together on a "you teach me your language, I'll teach you mine" basis.

On our Language Tandem page you can read about how the service works. In short, the participants apply through a form where they note their individual conditions that allow for a good match - languages known and to learn, skill and ambition levels, geographical location etc. As soon as we can identify a good match, we will contact both participants and suggest a startup meeting together with our Tandem Manager. From here, the tandem pair continues independently to schedule appointments and to encourage each other's developments, hopefully creating a mutually rewarding collaboration that substantially speeds up the process of building fluency in their target languages.

The Eos Cares Tandem Manager will stay in contact with all tandems within the program, to catch and share advice and feedback and to keep them involved in our community of language learners through invitations to events and ongoing interactions. A facebook group has been set up for the programme, feel free to join!

Finally, we would like to ask for your help in making this initiative have an impact on the language learning rate in the region: as the quality and speed of the match-making service improves with every new participant, please share and spread word about this opportunity to potential language learners in your surroundings!

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