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Join our International Mentor Program for Professionals!

Every year, about 2500 international students are introduced to the city of Lund through the International Mentor groups that the University is setting up. Together with the arrival program during the first few weeks, this opens up the doors to an amazing social community and a time-of-your-life experience during the stay in Sweden. But what if you are a professional, an intern, a spouse joining a recruited partner, or anything else apart from a student, who is then receiving you and caring for your social establishment?

Eos Cares would like to tap into this void, by creating a group of International Mentors to take care of newcomers within the professional community. Much inspired by the Lund University arrival program for students, we will create a series of social activities that introduces the newly arrived to the city and region, and that allows for them to bond with our mentors and with the other participants in the group.

To launch this program, we are looking to recruit 4-6 International Mentors who will develop activities for the arrival program and participate in receiving an envisioned group of 20 international newcomers as a pilot round in September 2019. Our aim is to advertise this opportunity to the major international employers in Lund, and with their collaboration scale up the program to be run repeatedly on a 2-month basis from the fall of 2019.

As an International Mentor, we welcome people of all origins and background, who are interested in getting to know professional newcomers from all over the world, and share with them experiences of getting established in the region. If this sounds like an appealing role to take on, do not hesitate to provide us your application on this page!

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