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Skåne Networking Community

Eos Cares is collaborating with the Skåne Networking Community to present a facebook group that provides guidance and opportunities for internationals that are getting established in the region.

This facebook group is aiming to collect info about events, workshops, programmes and other useful tips and informations that can be of value for people that are exploring opportunities to network, socialize or develop activities. It has 7 particular units:

- Events in English or Swenglish

- Events in Swedish

- Job-related

- Business-related

- Social

- Networks

- Job-seeker profiles

Eos Cares community and activities show up in the "Social" unit and in the group's Events, and you will see that there are also a number of other important contributors.

To become a member, simply ask to join the group and reply to the two questions that pop up.

The Skåne Networking Community is an initiative of Wellbeing Coach Janine Miller, who is a familiar face within the international community, among other things through her involvement at the International Citizen Hub of Lund.

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