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EOS Cares at Klostergården

Summer is here, so are Lov I Lund and EOS Cares’ summer activities.

Last Monday (27/5), EOS Cares was at Klostergården, participating in another successful event, the first of the many to be held this summer in Lund.

Children enjoying Hemmaplan's activities at Klostegården

Despite the cloudy and windy weather, more than 100 children came by the beautiful space next to Klostergården’s Library. They had fun playing basketball with Hemmaplan, eating fresh popcorn and hotdogs and getting informed about the exciting events happening all around the city from several local organizations.

Many local organizations were present at the event

EOS Cares was represented by the wonderful Yara, Yaman, Maffe, Mulham and Radwan, who set a fully green info desk about the program’s forthcoming activities.

Yara, Yaman & Radwan while preparing EOS Cares' info desk

People getting informed about EOS Cares' project

EOS Cares' program is always rich in activities

For three hours, this amazing company, together with the kids, their parents and many other people stopping by, generated a great celebrating vibe, as well as an anticipation for all that’s coming next.

Stay tuned on our Social Media accounts on Facebook and Instagram, so that you won’t miss a thing!

See you around the city…

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