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Eos Cares' summer 2019 activities - A recap

It's been a busy summer for Eos Cares

Summer 2019 was -as usual- busy and rich of activities for Eos Cares. Below you can get a taste of the variety of events organized by IK Eos’ integration program and its collaborators, offered to locals and internationals in the city of Lund during the summer season.


IK Eos basketball club, together with Lunds Kommun’s Lov i Lund, introduced “Eoshallen Friday Nights” this summer. The event was conducted during six consecutive Friday nights from June the 28th until the 2nd of August, Eoshallen gym opening its doors (20:00-00:00) for young people between the ages of 13-20.

The main goal of the initiative was for Eoshallen to turn into a meeting place for the youngsters of Lund’s area every Friday night. A social hub where they can have fun by practicing sports and a variety of activities performed by leaders from Lunds Kommun and several local associations (in total over 50 leaders participated, half of which came from Kultur- & Fritidsförvaltningen and Socialförvaltningen, and the other half from the associations), hang out with their peers, socialize and meet new people with the same interests. The project set its sights on offering a safe environment away from alcohol & other delinquencies, and at the same time inspiring young people to develop leisure-time interests together with members of associations where these can be grown. Apart from the activities provided by the local organizations, Eoshallen Friday Nights encouraged young people to bring their own interests to offer their friends at the event, something that happened in several cases (karaoke night, T-shirt design with water balloons, “Superpyssel” with drawing, jewelry and art design).

The event quickly became a success and kept growing week after week. After a gradual escalation, we counted just over 200 participants for the last three Fridays. Eoshallen became the place to be, with boys and girls filling the gym with their passion and energy, enjoying sports. They didn’t just come to the hall to hang out and meet friends but most of them actively participated in the variety of activities offered right until closing time.

Lots of people from various associations teamed up for “Eoshallen Friday Nights” to become the success it was. Namely, IK Eos, Lunds Kommun (Lov I Lund, Barn i Start, Mobila Gruppen, Com Ung, Fritid Norr, Future by Lund), Hemgården, Linero Streetball, Värpinge IF, Hemmaplan, Skåne Netball Club, TAMAM Lund, Happy Time, Lugi Rugby Club. After getting together and meeting each other, all the above-mentioned have now become a great network of organizations that provide leisure activities for young people. The relationships that have been built up during the summer can become the foundation for future collaborations, in order to create fun stuff for children and young people in the municipality and provide them with a safe space to socialize, express and develop their interests.

For more info on “Eoshallen Friday Nights” check out the links below:

- Follow EFN's Instagram posts using the tags #eoshallenfridaynights and #nattidrottlund



Since several years, Eos Cares has been running for free the popular activities “Bollkul” on Sunday mornings and “International Playgroup” on Tuesday mornings, where parents with kids of all ages play freely with all the space and equipment that a sports gym has to offer. During this summer, these activities returned for 8 weeks combined into one all-family activity and were spread over the city!

Several hundreds of families enjoyed “Bollkul & International Playgroup” hosted three times per week in Eoshallen (Tuesdays), Vikingahallen (Thursdays) and Fäladshallen (Sundays).

The events started on Tuesday the 25th of June, and will continue all the way until August 18, with the following times and locations:

- Tuesdays: 10.00-12.00, Eoshallen. Arkivgatan 32, 22359 Lund. See facebook event.

- Thursdays: 10.00-12.00, Vikingahallen. Tre Högars väg 7, 22475 Lund. See facebook event.

- Sundays: 10.00-12.00, Fäladshallen. Svenshögsvägen 25A, 22642 Lund. See facebook event.

To stay updated on all information, join the Facebook group "Eos Bollkul".



During the spring, Eos Cares launched the “Arabiska hemspråkundervisning och basketträning”, activity that consists of a combination of teaching Arabic to children 6-14 years old (kl.13:30-15:30) and basketball training (15:30-16:30), all for free. This continued developing throughout the summer, towards the end involving almost 40 kids per week.

The children were divided into three groups of different levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. A group of experienced Eos’ volunteers, Arabic and Dari speakers, were responsible for the language teaching and the basketball training.

The program started on the 9th of June and ended on August the 4th, taking place every Sunday at Eoshallen gym. “Arabiska hemspråkundervisning och basketträning” will keep running from the fall 2019 and then.

For more information or in case you are interested in participating as a volunteer/teacher as it picks up again from August 18th, contact the program’s responsible Yaman Alloush or Yara El Shihabi at (0738447843) and (0730851804) respectively.



The carrying idea behind “Local Discoveries” is to provide the opportunity for people living in Lund to build an attachment to Skåne through discovering the amazing beauty of the nature areas that define the region. On top of that, these excursions consist of a great way for newcomers to Sweden to meet others, interact and build their social network. They are also a necessary reminder of the connection between man and nature and the entanglement of people’s interior peace of mind and our external environment.

After an exciting spring season (Häckebergasjön, Romeleåsen, Söderåsen, Hovdala, and Kullaberg), this summer the “Local Discoveries” team organized four trips that allowed more than 60 people so far to get out of Lund and explore the hidden secrets of its surroundings.

The summer season included the following destinations: Frostavallen (16/6), Glumslöv (30/6), Brösarp & Haväng (11/8) and Fulltofta (25/8). The first three were made by public transport (Summer Card Trips) and the fourth to Fulltofta will be a car-sharing excursion.

“Local Discoveries” and its Skåne explorers visited Frostavallen’s beech woodlands and glittering lakes (Vaxsjön, Dagstorpssjön) and enjoyed the rolling agricultural landscape and the exciting cliff coast of the Glumslöv Area. Next is Skåne's east coast, where our travelers will follow Backaleden and Skåneleden from Brösarp to Haväng, enjoying forests, hills, and streams along the way and then the Fulltofta trip with its deep woodland, open glades and pasture.

Are you interested in experiencing the beauty of our region and also making it accessible for others? Join the Local Discoveries drivers pool, should you have a car, and our Eos-Local Discoveries Facebook group to get updated on the news and notified of all the events as they are published. For more information on “Local Discoveries” and registration to our trips, you can also follow our Local Discoveries page.

If you want to join our team of organizers, do not hesitate to drop us a message at!



Language development is the key to social integration and personal growth. As it does all year long, Eos Cares offered opportunities to internationals from Lund to practice languages during this summer as well, through:

- Eos Language Café, every Saturday at 13-15. Several languages.

- Prata Svenska, every Wednesday at 10-12. Swedish only.

Eos Language Café is a friendly meeting place where people can practice their language skills and/or help others improve theirs! Participants are able to take part in a conversation while enjoying free coffee, tea and refreshments. The EOS Language Café is open for everyone, regardless of occupation, age and language skill level! At each table we will have a member of the organization, a facilitator, that is fluent in the target language and that works to create a good level of conversation for each participant. As a minimum, the following languages are offered each week: Swedish, English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French and Italian. As a visitor, simply choose which language/s you want to practice, introduce yourself to the facilitator, take a seat and enjoy! Participation is free.

If you want to join the organization behind the Language Café and help out as a facilitator, host, manager or in the marketing efforts, please join the Facebook group “Eos Gröna Orkestern”!

Prata Svenska is a group for people interested in the Swedish language. 3-6 Swedes are always on the spot to lead the conversation at each table. Besides learning a lot of new words and getting tips for your daily life in Sweden, you will also gain a lot of new contacts and make friends among the other internationals. We always have coffee, tea, cookies and a lot of fun! Come and practice your Swedish (no matter which level!) in this weekly language café.

Both activities will keep rolling for the whole summer without breaks. No registration required, just drop in! Vi ses i Eoshallen!

Follow the relevant Facebook groups:



During the summer, Eos Cares provided opportunities for youngsters to practice basketball, play with their friends or learn the basics of the sport, Eoshallen gym being open for free play. No Eos membership or pre-registration was required!

Between the 27 June - 7 August, the following free sessions were open for everyone who wanted to play basketball:

Mondays, 15-16: Open Gym in Eoshallen B, with coaches from Eos Cares teaching the basics of basketball. A good opportunity for beginners who wanted to learn more about the sport. Age: 13-20 years.

- Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 15-16: Open Gym in Eoshallen B. Court available for free play. Coaches from Eos Cares were available. Age: All ages.

- Thursdays 18-19 and Fridays 16-17: Eos Cares Senior Basketball, practice for adults with no requirement of previous basketball experience. Age: 18+

- Fridays, 20-22: During the Eoshallen Friday Nights, one of the courts was always available, with coaches from Hemmaplan assisting to organize the play and to teach elements of the game. Age: 13-20 years.



In the context of its youth-oriented mindset, on the 26th of July Eos Cares hosted at Eoshallen a youth entrepreneurship lecture & workshop with Negin Azimi.

Negin Azimi is 20 years old but her age has not stopped her from successfully completing several projects. She runs TEDxYouth in Sweden, has been named Sweden's Youth Entrepreneur (she received the award by from Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia) and is a board member of SOS Children's Villages.

The event was for free and addressed to youngsters between 13-25! About twenty young people attended the lecture and the idea-generating workshop that followed, inspired by our special guest.


After the summer, Eos Cares' regular activities are coming back, together with some exciting new ones! Stay tuned by checking our website's activities page for what follows...

See you soon!

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