Eos Cares' summer 2019 activities - A recap

It's been a busy summer for Eos Cares

Summer 2019 was -as usual- busy and rich of activities for Eos Cares. Below you can get a taste of the variety of events organized by IK Eos’ integration program and its collaborators, offered to locals and internationals in the city of Lund during the summer season.


IK Eos basketball club, together with Lunds Kommun’s Lov i Lund, introduced “Eoshallen Friday Nights” this summer. The event was conducted during six consecutive Friday nights from June the 28th until the 2nd of August, Eoshallen gym opening its doors (20:00-00:00) for young people between the ages of 13-20.

The main goal of the initiative was for Eoshallen to turn into a meeting place for the youngsters of Lund’s area every Friday night. A social hub where they can have fun by practicing sports and a variety of activities performed by leaders from Lunds Kommun and several local associations (in total over 50 leaders participated, half of which came from Kultur- & Fritidsförvaltningen and Socialförvaltningen, and the other half from the associations), hang out with their peers, socialize and meet new people with the same interests. The project set its sights on offering a safe environment away from alcohol & other delinquencies, and at the same time inspiring young people to develop leisure-time interests together with members of associations where these can be grown. Apart from the activities provided by the local organizations, Eoshallen Friday Nights encouraged young people to bring their own interests to offer their friends at the event, something that happened in several cases (karaoke night, T-shirt design with water balloons, “Superpyssel” with drawing, jewelry and art design).

The event quickly became a success and kept growing week after week. After a gradual escalation, we counted just over 200 participants for the last three Fridays. Eoshallen became the place to be, with boys and girls filling the gym with their passion and energy, enjoying sports. They didn’t just come to the hall to hang out and meet friends but most of them actively participated in the variety of activities offered right until closing time.

Lots of people from various associations teamed up for “Eoshallen Friday Nights” to become the success it was. Namely, IK Eos, Lunds Kommun (Lov I Lund, Barn i Start, Mobila Gruppen, Com Ung, Fritid Norr, Future by Lund), Hemgården, Linero Streetball, Värpinge IF, Hemmaplan, Skåne Netball Club, TAMAM Lund, Happy Time, Lugi