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Eos Cares looking for new Activity Managers for the Fall semester

Interested in joining an organic and expansive social project in the city of Lund? During the 2018-19 season, Eos Cares counted over 2 000 visitors, and as the fall semester approaches we are aiming to continue the developments by recruiting managers for some key positions within the program.

For our largest regular event, Eos Language Café on Saturdays, we have several roles available, covering both the language conversations and the behind-the-scenes management. Also, for the new semester we are looking to strengthen the basketball program with expanded management of the current teams as well as through starting up new teams for various age groups. Another priority area is our rapidly growing program for combined native language and sports training for kids of arabic origin.

And as always, we are gladly receiving anyone interested in hosting activities that bring people together.

On this link, we describe each of the positions that we are currently targeting. And further up on the same page, you can read more about how the Eos Cares organisation is set up.

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