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Study Visit from the Norrbotten Sports Federation

During the weekend, we received a visit from Isa Ponturo, Project Leader within the Norrbotten Sports Federation, who was eager to learn about the Eoshallen Friday Nights initiative as well as about the emergence of Eos Cares in general.

For anyone involved in basketball in Sweden, receiving attention from the city of Luleå is a great honor. Isa Ponturo is working for the Norrbotten Sports Federation, as a Project Leader for establishing "nattidrott" (sports for youth during weekend evenings) in the area of Porsön, as well as promoting social efforts within sports clubs. We had a very nice session with her, talking about everything from how the Eos Cares program has emerged and how that has enabled us to form collaborations with the municipality and other associations in the initiative that was launched during the summer, to practical learnings such as how to manage water supply, shoes leaving marks on the courts and keeping a dedicated area for girls.

Hopefully our meeting can contribute to further social developments within our basketball capital up north!

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