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Prisma initiative: Eos Cares and Hemmaplan join forces at Klostergården

From this week and on, children at Klostergårdsskolan in Lund will have the opportunity to practice basketball with Hemmaplan and Eos basket.

The two programs join forces in Klostergården under the family initiative "Prisma". Prisma is a collaborative project between Eos Cares and Lund Municipality, as well as other important actors, such as Rädda Barnen among others, and the main goal is to help families, children and young people in Lund towards inclusion through meaningful leisure time (read more about the initiative here:

Prisma’s central focus and method is to create "multi-activities" for the entire family at the same time and the same location! This is where Klostegården’s initiative comes into play, encouraging greater interaction between local community groups, language cafés, community orientation, physical movement and exercise, sports, volunteering experience and much more.

Hemmaplan and Eos debuted their basketball presence at Klostergårdskolan last Thursday 3rd of October and it was a success! Despite short notice the principle and teaching staff at the school were very supportive, and happily invited our leaders to visit their students during lunch break. This resulted in 12 kids (6 girls and 6 boys, aged 10-13 years) showing up for their first basketball practice ever :)

Not only did the kids get to play basketball with the former Swedish national team player Ira Otamiri, but they also actually got to dunk the ball with the help from Andrew Lundstrom, Eos men's A team new American recruit! The kids did not want to go home when the practice finished and wondered why they cannot do that every day!

Prisma - Klostergården has its debut this Thursday 10th of October and will run every Thursday between 16:00-18:00 PM!

Meeting point: Klostergårdens mötesplats.

The preliminary schedule:

Check out the gallery below for pictures from the project's introductory practice:

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