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Eos Cares International Playgroup continues in collaboration with Öppna Förskolan Kulan

Through a new collaboration initiated by the Prisma project, the Eos Cares International Playgroup is now continuing every Tuesday and Thursday morning in the facilities of Öppna Förskolan Kulan. Welcome to join a friendly meeting place for parents & kids 0-5 years old!

Öppna Förskolan Kulan is open throughout the week, but during specific hours, Tuesdays and Thursdays 10.00-12.00, Eos Cares staff will be present at Kulan to introduce and involve our visitors. Through December 2019 (and possibly further), during these hours there will also be a Swedish teacher present, who will teach the basics of the Swedish language to parents who are interested. If you want guidance to visit Kulan together with our staff and other participants, we meet up at Botulfsplatsen at 9.30 for common bus transport! Contact Eos Cares at 079-3035201 if you are interested in joining.

Read more and invite friends through our facebook event International Playgroup @Kulan.

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