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New Membership Policy for Eos Cares Social Activities

Note! The following will take effect from Saturday November 16th.

For the 2019-20 season, we are updating our membership policy for the Eos Cares social activities: Language Cafés, Local Discoveries, Native Language training, Yoga etc - in short, all our activities that do not take place on a basketball court.

For these activities, we are creating an optional membership with Eos Cares. The membership is free and valid throughout the 2019-20 season. It also gives you free entrance to the IK Eos A-Team basketball games. From our members, we are much appreciating a commitment of visiting us on a regular basis, so that our membership base is reflected in the amount of participants at our activities. To become a member you simply sign up during any of our activities, with assistance from our staff. We will ask for your personnummer and contact details.

Visitors who prefer not being members of Eos Cares are still very much welcome. However, we will ask non-members for a symbolic donation, which of course is optional but highly appreciated. This is to help us cover the costs for offering fika.

Recommended donations:

- Professionals, 20 kr.

- Students/Refugees/Others, 10 kr.

- First-time Visitor, FREE.

From members, we are able to obtain equivalent funding from the Swedish Sports Federation, as we report the member participation at our activities. (For this reason, personnummer is a mandatory field in the membership registration.)

We apologize that the new policy is communicated a few months into the season. The delay is related to an upgrade of our administrative system.

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