Anicée Guglielmi & Alexandra Javier: “We wanted to create a community where people meet and shar

From the first moment you meet them, you sense they have a genuine passion for what they do. What drives them is a feeling that only those who are away from home can identify with. The French Anicée Guglielmi and Alexandra Javier are the faces behind the "Parlez-vous Français? Oui!" language café that Eos Cares initiated in the beginning of October. One month after the debut, they talk about their initiative, the importance of sharing between cultures and the power of language to bring people together.

So what’s the story behind the “Parlez-vous français? Oui!” språkcafé?

Anicée: I came to Lund 1,5 year ago. After finishing SFI in June, I wanted to find a job or an activity. Together with Alexandra, we started thinking about a place where French people or internationals can come and practice some French and learn about our culture. At some point, during an International Citizen Hub event, we met Eos Cares’ project leader, Axel Wallin, and talked to him about our idea of starting a French language café. He was very positive, suggesting that we have it together with the “Prata Svenska” on Wednesdays at Eoshallen and here we are!

Alexandra: This is my 5th year in Sweden. I came when my husband got a job at ESS. I work as a French teacher here privately and I often meet people that say “Oh, I feel alone”. It’s the first feeling one has when they first come to a new place. It’s not your country, not your language, it’s not easy. I understand this feeling since I had it myself in a way. You need to have a community through which to reach other people and communicate. That was the idea in the first place. Apart from the French who come to speak their language, we also have -among other countries- people from Italy, Poland, Germany and Sweden that come here to learn. We share and compare our cultures. You get better in many ways and you are happy, because you have people around.