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Eos Cares welcomes ESN Lund as co-host of the Language Café

Eos Cares welcomes ESN Lund as co-host of the Language Café, every Saturday 13-15 at Eoshallen gym! The collaboration between the two associations stemmed from their common wish to enrich the range of the languages offered in the Language Café by reaching Lund's vast student community and at the same time offering students a place to socialize and better their language skills.

The Language Café in short

The idea of the Language Café activity is based on the concept of the much-appreciated Café Multilingua at Lund University. Language Café is open for everyone, regardless of occupation, age and language skill level! Furthermore, at each table we will have a member of the organization, a facilitator, that is fluent in the target language and that works to create a good level of conversation for each participant. As a minimum, the following languages are offered each week: Swedish, English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French and Italian. Every language has one or more dedicated tables. As a visitor, simply choose which language/s you want to practice, introduce yourself to the facilitator, take a seat and enjoy! Participation is of course FREE for every visitor! Fika is also served. If you want to improve your language skills or help others to enhance theirs, or like to meet people and open up new worlds through the magic means of language, come to Eoshallen and make it all happen!

If you want to join the organization behind the Language Café and help out as a facilitator, host, manager or in the marketing efforts, please join our volunteers Facebook group “Eos Gröna Orkestern”!

(Video: Manon Bodel)

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