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Join Eos Language Café (Saturdays 13-15)

Come to Eoshallen every Saturday between 13-15, meet people, practice your language skills and/or help others improve theirs!

The idea of the event is based on the concept of the much-appreciated Café Multilingua at Lund University. The EOS Language Café is open for everyone, regardless of occupation, age and language skill level! Furthermore, at each table we will have a member of the organization, a facilitator, that is fluent in the target language and that works to create a good level of conversation for each participant.

As a minimum, the following languages are offered each week: Swedish, English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French and Italian. Every language has one or more dedicated tables. As a visitor, simply choose which language/s you want to practice, introduce yourself to the facilitator, take a seat and enjoy!

Participation is of course FREE for every visitor! If you want to join the organization behind the Language Café and help out as a facilitator, host, manager or in the marketing efforts, please join our volunteers Facebook group “Eos Gröna Orkestern”!

Vi ses i Eoshallen!

(Thanks to Manon Bodel for the drone teaser)

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