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Prisma Vinterfest: A party that had it all!

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

What a wonderful Saturday evening we had at Eoshallen! Prisma Vinterfest was a huge success, the attendance exceeding all expectations!

More than 300 people came with their friends and families to enjoy a variety of activities offered by Eos Cares, local social actors and Lunds Kommun. There was food from all over the world, dance, an integration prize ceremony by Lunds Kommun, poetry reading by the young "Arabiska Undervisning" students, Eos Cares giving out thank-you presents to its amazing volunteers and a festive Christmas-y atmosphere that filled the gym with great vibes.

Children had the opportunity to cycle with Rädda Barnens Cykel Skola, paint their faces with Tamam Lund and Unicef, enjoy the Silent Disco with Lund Kommun's Kulturskola, eat pop-corn offered by Fritidsbanken, learn how to dance Capoeira style with ABADÁ Capoeira, play with the gymnastics equipment. They got of course julklappar from the best jultomte ever, who was then (literally) chased by the children all around the gym for selfies.

Thanks to all our collaborators and volunteers for making this party possible!

Watch a pic-video from the party night:

Check the gallery below for pictures from Prisma's Vintefest:

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