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Växjö Ravens Basket visit: The beginning of a -socially responsible- collaboration

Eos Cares had some special guests on Saturday! External Relations Manager Matilda Ottelid and Project Leader Axel Wallin had the pleasure to welcome Växjö Ravens Basketball representatives Rene Jaramillo (chairman), Lotta Roswall Larsson (council) and Therese Jaramillo (marketing) and guide them through our program’s social work.

Aspiring to become more than a basketball club, Ravens are about to start their own journey towards further engaging in social issues. Having established a status as an important social actor in Lund, Eos Cares aims -through the Vinnova Project- to spread the know-how on promoting social efforts within sports clubs at a national level. Yesterday’s session with our Växjö Ravens colleagues included the sharing of this knowledge on good practices and a very fruitful exchange of opinions on how a modern club should look like, when it comes to social responsibility.

Hopefully the meeting was inspiring for our guests and can contribute to further social developments within their basketball club.

It is undoubtedly the beginning of a very promising collaboration!

Follow the link here to read how our Växjö Ravens Basketball visitors experienced this interesting meeting.

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