“New in Skåne - Introduction Program” - Become a Mentor

After a successful first round of the “International Mentors Program” last September, aiming to help newcomers professionals in Lund to get established in the region, Eos Cares will soon launch the sequel under the name "New in Skåne - Introduction Program". It will be carried out in the range of March 15th-April 30th.

The pilot round included a variety of activities and get-togethers, like sightseeing in Lund & Malmö, excursions, cinema, fika, seminars and dancing, creating a very dynamic group of people (Mentors and Mentees) that had fun and experienced their first steps into Sweden’s social life.

In this phase of the planning, we are looking to recruit our new international Mentors. Namely those outgoing people with an experience of living in Sweden/Lund/Malmö who -together with the project manager- will schedule this round’s activities and guide the participants/mentees over the course of the program. We welcome people of all origins and backgrounds, who are interested in getting to know professional newcomers from all over the world and share with them experiences of how to develop a social network and break through the Swedish society.

If this sounds like an appealing role to take on, apply here:

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