Apply to be a mentee in Eos Cares "New in Skåne - Introduction Program"

After a successful first round of the “International Mentors Program” in September, aiming to help newcomers professionals in Lund to get established in the region, Eos Cares is about to kick-off the sequel, under the name "New in Skåne - Introduction Program” (March 15th-April 30th).

Having already recruited our Mentors for this round, it’s time for the mentees to apply!

Are you a professional, an intern, a spouse joining a recruited partner? We will take care of your social establishment at your new home! Through a series of social activities (see the schedule below), the main goal of the program is to create a small group of mentors and mentees with a strong connection, everyone to have fun and exchange thoughts and experiences on how to network and break through the Swedish society.

Sounds interesting? Apply for one of the 15 spots here:


* This is the first draft of the schedule which might be submitted to slight adjustments the following days. The finalized version will be published soon. Stay tuned to our Social Media channels and our website.

1) Brunch at Hoppipolla Café (Sunday 15/3, 11.30-14.30)

Where: Killiansgatan 17, Lund

What: Brunch

2) CANCELLED: Movie in Malmö - BUFF Film Festival (Sunday 22/3, 13:15-15:15)

Where: Biograf Panora (Friisgatan 19 D, Malmö)

What: Jojo Rabbit (Sunday 22/3, 13:15-15:15)

* The movie night in Malmö was cancelled, since the BUFF film festival won't take place due to the corona virus situation. Another event will take its place in the program (TBA soon).

3) Library visit and city tour (Thur., 26/3, 9:00-12:00)

Where: Sankt Petri Kyrkogata 4

What: Visit the city library and walk around Lund's outstanding spots​

CANCELLED: International Citizen Hub Lund drop-in & Library visit (Thur., 26/3, 9:00-12:00)

Where: Ekska huset (Sankt Petri Kyrkogata 4)

What: Newcomers internationals get info and find answers to their questions

* The International Citizen Hub Lund drop-in was cancelled, since ICHL cancelled their events from 11 March to 29 March as a precaution on the spreading of the corona virus. A visit to the city's library and a tour around Lund will be held instead.

4) Melting Pot stand-up comedy at Stenkross (Thursday 2/4, 20:00-22:00)

Where: Stenkross (Kastanjegatan 13, Lund)

What: Stand-up comedy (in English)

5) Eos Cares “Prata Svenska” Språk Café (Wed. 8/4, 10.00-12.00)

Where: Eoshallen (Arkivgatan 32, Lund)

What: Practice Swedish with native speakers, have fun and fika.

6) Creative ways to integrate - by Axel Wallin (Tuesday 14/4, 16:00-18:00)

Where: Hemgårdens café (Kiliansgatan 11, Lund)

What: “After work” with Eos Care’s Project Leader, Axel Wallin, presenting his inspirational personal story.

7) Playing basketball with Eos Cares Basketball Team (Wednesday 19/4, 21:00-22.30)

Where: Eoshallen (Arkivgatan 32, Lund)

What: Play basketball and have fun

8) Skissernas Museum (Thursday 23/4, 17:00-20:00)

Where: Finngatan 2, 223 62 Lund

What: Guided tour (17:00-19:00) and jazz performance by “Sisters of Invention” (19:00-20:00)

9) Skåne trip with “Local Discoveries” (Sunday 26/4, 10.00-17.00)

Where: A nature area in Skåne

What: Get a taste of your new region via a life-enriching excursion.

10) International Potluck (Sat. 2/5, 17.30-20.30)

Where: Eoshallen (Arkivgatan 32, Lund)

What: Everyone brings food from their country of origin!


Cost: The program is FREE to join. However participants cover their own costs for the activities (fika etc).

Contact: Should you have any questions regarding the “New in Skåne - Introduction Program”, contact the project coordinator, Despina Lappa, at:

- For the latest news on the program & other Eos Cares activities, stay tuned on our website and our social media channels.

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