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Eos Cares is launching initiative to involve Internationals in the 2022 elections!

Did you know that all EU members, and other internationals who have been in Sweden for at least 3 years, are allowed to vote in the Swedish local and regional elections? Most people don’t, as only 40% of internationals in Lund made use of their right to vote in the elections of 2018.

Through a new project, funded by the Swedish Agency for Youth & Civil Society (MUCF) within the call “Strengthening Democracy”, Eos Cares will work up until the elections in September 2022 to bring awareness of our democratic opportunities, to societal groups that are under-represented in participation in the local election.

Lowest in voter turnout of all groups in Lund are foreign citizens – with the right to vote in the local and regional elections but not the national one. (The latter requires Swedish citizenship.) The group can be divided into two segments:

- Internationals, or in other words, the general English-speaking community of the city and region. These are invited to join the new facebook group “Lund International Voters”, to receive continuous invitations to events and information of relevance for the elections.

- “Nyanlända” – which is the Swedish term for people having arrived as refugees. Activities and information to involve this group will be posted in Swedish through the new facebook page “Interkultur i Lund”, and channeled through facebook groups in the languages of the target group.

The best way to get to know the Lund politics is to get to know representatives of the various political parties. Up until the election, Lund International Voters and Interkultur i Lund will organize events, activities and meetings where political representatives of all parties are invited to interact with our visitors. Through these personal meetings, we hope to inspire voters to participate in the election, and politicians to recognize the needs and interests of the large population in Lund that has moved in from other countries.

Want to learn more? Start out by joining our event “The Swedish Political System & Upcoming Elections”! The event held at the City Library as well as online. Link:

Want to join the initiative? Go to our page, and sign up for Lund International Voters or Interkultur!

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