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Eoshallen Friday Nights vol.6: The last was a blast!

The last "Eoshallen Friday Nights" was a blast, with many shiny happy people laughing!

Participants (about 200 youngsters in total) and leaders applauded each other at the start of the evening to show their mutual gratitude for an amazing summer together!

The young kept asking Eos Cares' people when the next "Eoshallen Friday Nights" event is coming, hoping it will continue to roll in the future! And since in every ending there is a beginning, we hope (and work for it) to see you again soon... Any given Friday 😎

Lots of love and many thanks to our volunteers, our collaborators-local associations (Lunds Kommun - Kultur & Fritid, Lov I Lund, Mobila Gruppen, Fritid Norr, Hemgården, Com Ung - Eos, Linero Streetball, Tamam Lund, Hemmaplan, Skåne Netball Club, Happy Time, Future by Lund, Lugi Rugby Club, Värpinge IF, LKF), everyone who worked towards EFN becoming the success it was and all the participants, who brought into life our vision for the initiative every week.

Vi ses snart!

Below a gallery from the last EFN for summer 2019:



Eoshallen Friday Nights vol.5: Toppen!

Youngsters love EFN!

The fifth Friday (26/7) was another hot summer night, both weather- and energy-wise!

Lund's youth, about 150 people in total, spent another Friday night at Eoshallen practicing sports, having fun, being creative and inspired.

Do not miss the last "Eoshallen Friday Nights" for this summer next week (2/8, 20:00-00:00).

Follow "Eoshallen Friday Nights" Facebook event here, to keep abreast of the latest EFN news.

Check the gallery below for highlights from last Friday's event:



Eoshallen Friday Nights vol.4: What a bumper!

Children had a lot of fun with Bumperballs!

"Eoshallen Friday Nights" keeps gaining in popularity among the youth of Lund! Over 200 young people gathered at Eoshallen this Friday (19/12), where lots of different activities were offered by local associations.

Apart from the standard activities like basketball with Hemmaplan&Eos and Linero Streetball's mini-football tournament, youngsters had the opportunity to try out badminton, enjoy Bumperballs with Lov i Lund and jewelry making with Happy Time. The pop-corn machine of Lund's Kommun outside of Eoshallen was a hit!

See you next Friday (26/7, kl. 20:00-00:00) with new activities and the same enthusiasm!

Stay tuned for the latest info on each week's activities by following "Eoshallen Friday Nights" Facebook event here.

Get a taste of the 4th "Eoshallen Friday Nights" from the gallery below:



Eoshallen Friday Nights: Third time was a charm!

Eoshallen Friday Nights keeps growing every week!

Yesterday night (12/7) Eoshallen became the place to be, with 150 young people playing football with Linero Streetball, basketball with IK Eos and Hemmaplan, innebandy (as a guest star sport for the night), cooking along (baking muffins) with Tatam Lund and enjoying silent disco with Mobila Gruppen from Lunds Kommun.

The gym was packed from 19:55-00:00, the mini football's tournament participants playing until midnight, just before the Eoshallen doors were supposed to close! Thank you all for coming, see you next Friday (19/7), same place same time (20:00-00:00).

Stay tuned for the latest info on each week's activities by following "Eoshallen Friday Nights" Facebook event here.

Check out the gallery below for pictures from last night's event: