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Highlight / Newsletter [issue 2/2021]

March was one exciting month at Eos Cares! Take a look at what we did:

Language Tandem

In March, the Tandem team started 3 new groups with Russian, Spanish, and Italian.

We also welcomed a new team member, Cavide.


Launching "Lunch Talks" -

On 26 March Eos Cares

launched its first Lunch Talks. Our speaker was Dr. Soham Datta, a Medical Researcher who also runs Food Saving Lund - a voluntary organisation focused on reducing food waste - as well as he co-founded the No Place Green Enough Podcast.

In the session he explained how to start an NGO, the value of volunteering and networking. In total 17 participants attended the session and the ones who were interested shared their Linkedin links to connect on Linkedin and grow our network.


Launching the Language Café "Book Club"

The main development this month was the successful test of the new group "Book Club" organized in partnership with Lunds Folkbibliotek. Two professional librarians were therefore present for 3 sessions. During the first one, the participants shared their knowledge of Swedish literature, and they received useful reading recommendations to improve their Swedish. The other two sessions were dedicated to the reading of the version "på lätt svenska" of "Doktor Glas" by Hjalmar Söderberg by all the participants at home individually, in order to be able to discuss it as a group. The success of this test phase with the satisfaction of the participants confirmed the motivation of the librarians of the Lunds Folkbibliotek to launch their own Language Café by next month! EOS Cares will be sure to share the news of this innovative program, so stay tuned!


Masterthesis at Eos Cares

Austrian Jessica Diez graduated from the international Master program in Public Health at Lund University. She wrote her Master Thesis partly in collaboration with Eos Cares and focused on the concept of empowerment.

In her thesis, Jessica aimed to explore the meaning and components of empowerment among individuals with refugee background in Lund and Malmö. Jessica states that migrants, particularly people with a refugee background, experience increased susceptibility to poor health in comparison to the local population.

Read more about her experience and thesis here!


Words of the category "transportering" and Phrases of the Month

(Check out any of the ones you missed on our social media!)

- Vi ses! - Kollektivtrafik

- När gar bussen? - Körkort

- Vad betyder det? - Vägkorsning

- Läget? - Tunnelbana


What is coming up?

- Local Discoveries is going to start again

- More possibilities to connect, exchange and learn

- We are hiring - learn more here

- Words of the category "hälsa"

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