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Eos Cares is a social sustainability program within the basketball club IK Eos in Lund. Eos Cares offers the population of Lund a range of social activities, free of charge. The program also collaborates with the Municipality, and with other organizations and associations, in order to create a higher degree of social inclusion for all societal groups in the local community. Last year more than 2000 participants visited the activities of Eos Cares, and the organization received several awards for its achievements.

Some interns of the Eos Cares

Management Team in spring 2021

Outside team building

activity in spring 2021

Currently Eos Cares activities are organised within these following programs :

  • Eos Social Hub : The English-speaking unit of EOS Cares, offering social activities for networking and personal development, free and open for everyone in Lund. Within the Social Hub are run e.g. our Language Cafés, Local Discoveries, and several other types of social groups, seminars and events.

  • Prisma : A program run together with Lund Municipality and Save the Children Lund, with the aim of helping with the integration of refugees. See more here !

  • Hemmaplan : The Skåne Basketball Association's program for establishing sports associations in socio-economically challenged areas. In Lund, the work is channeled through the social sports club HSIF Klostergården.

Depending on the background, skills, languages and interests, new interns are involved in a number of work groups, or "Development Teams", within the different programs. Work groups are operating on various levels, and with purposes of behind-the-scenes management, social cohesion, or activity management. In addition, the program has about 30 active volunteers who contribute within various activities.

Eos Cares is continuously looking for new interns, who want to learn from and contribute to the work of the organization. Here some examples of tasks that an intern may be responsible for as a team member :

  • Language Café Team: Helping with the set up of sessions, leading conversations or supporting volunteer conversation leaders, recruiting new ones and also market the activities to draw more visitors.

  • Bike-Team: Organising and recruiting participants for the Prisma bike school. Also repairing bikes of participants.

  • Native Language Team: Organising classes and sports sessions for kids, as part of the Prisma meeting place for native language training.

  • Welcome to Lund Team: Organizing events (Lunch Talks, mentorship sessions etc...). Keeping contact with the network and make it expand.

  • Local Discoveries Team: Orginizing hikes and other events. Managing participants and make them want to come back.

  • Cook & Bake along Team: Cooking food or baking fika/refreshments for Eos Cares events. Managing food collection and the food storage in Eoshallen.

  • Societal Counselling Team: Carrying out sessions where refugees are supported with administrative issues like authority correspondence, healthcare visits, job searching etc.

  • Communications Infrastructure Team: Being responsible of the promotion of specific Eos Cares programs. Managing Eos Cares website, social media and other channels. Ensuring a good public communication.

  • Graphic Design Team: Creating promoting designs as part of the graphic designers team.

  • Recruitment Team: Helping with the recruitment process of volunteer and interns (mails, interviews...). Organizing team building activities. Managing the Alumni network. Assisting interns during their internship journey, ensuring a good work environment.

  • HSIF Klostergården: Coaching of teams and sport sessions for kids and youth.

Eos Cares is developing at a rapid pace, and new ideas and activities are likely to emerge during your internship. Depending on role, tasks and scope, the internship will provide a substantial degree of general work experience, as well as experience of project management, leadership, and knowledge about the NGO sector and societal integration efforts. You will also establish a good network of personal relations during the internship. For interns that are interested, Eos Cares also offers the opportunity to improve their Swedish within the Swedish-Accelerator program, e.g. through giving group presentations and having regular meeting with Swedish mentors.

Language Café sessions came back physically in Eos Hallen

during 2021, after months of only online sessions

This internship is unpaid. Its duration should be 12 weeks as a minimum, but preferably longer. The amount of working hours per week is set individually in agreement with the program management, and can fall within the range of 15 hours/week up to full time. It may vary substantially from week to week depending on the tasks at hand. For shorter internship, we much appreciate when the intern can engage small-scale as a volunteer prior to the start, as it much facilitates the Team & Task assignment. Due to the nature of leisure-time activities, work hours can easily be scheduled on evenings and/or weekends, if corresponding with the intern's availability.

First Local Discovery hike of 2021 after being cancelled

for months due to covid restrictions (in Skrylle)

Our interns need to be able to work in a team as well as independently. Furthermore, they enjoy working with people, are cooperative and open to the needs of volunteers and activity participants. They receive guidance during regular meetings with the respective program management. Meetings within the Social Hub program are held in English, and within the Prisma program in Swedish.

Cover letter and CV, along with potential questions about Eos Cares or the internship positions, are sent to: . Describe why you want to do an internship at Eos Cares, and what your hopes/expectations of the internship are. /!\ Specify preferred start and end dates of the internship, as well as preferences concerning full or part time. As some of our activities are held during evenings and weekends, please specify your availabities if you have any concerns about that. Applications are dealt with continuously.

Much welcome to Eos Cares!

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