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New Eos Cares Project : Eos Language Café @ Ideon

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

In collaboration with Wihlborgs and Ideon Science Park, Eos Cares is launching a new Language Café to be held weekly at the Ideon Agora facilities. Eos Language Café @Ideon will open up on 9 September 2021, and offers a weekly meeting place for language development, networking and socializing.

Since many years, Eos Cares is running Eos Language Café @Eoshallen on Wednesday mornings, and Eos Language Café @Vuxenskolan on Saturday afternoons, both well-attended and highly appreciated social venues. Eos Language Café @Ideon is an extension of the program, targeting the extensive international community that is engaged within the Ideon sphere.

  • Where? Ideon Agora

  • When? Every Thursday from 16:00-18:00

  • Starting? 9 Sep 2021

What’s in it for you?

As a participant:

  • Great opportunity to practice, grow and improve Swedish / English language skills

  • Meet new people, form social bonds and expand your local network

  • Language learning in a fun and informal way!

As a volunteer:

  • Meet and inspire people, build your network and social connections - by sharing your much sought-after native language skills!

  • You do not need to be a teacher, just take a seat and start speaking with the other participants!

As a company:

  • Increase employee engagement levels

  • Employee volunteers act as role models in the community

  • Opportunity to fulfil corporate social responsibility within the local community

  • Contribute to talent attraction management of the Skåne region

How can companies at Ideon support this initiative?

  1. Promotion to employees

  2. Involving staff as volunteers/conversation leaders

  3. Present the company’s activities to Language Café participants

Interested? Please do get in touch with us by contacting:

Want to be a volunteer? Follow this link (link to, and choose “Language Café Conversation Leader”.

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