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Our Language Tandem Program receives funding from Sparbanken Skåne

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

We are much delighted and grateful for Sparbanken Skåne’s decision to provide funding for the developments of our Language Tandem Program. The funding comes from their call “Fixastödet”, which targets activities that adapt to Corona conditions but continue making a positive impact. Through our small and flexible Tandem Teams, we provide an opportunity for people to continue with the pleasant and extremely efficient kind of conversational training that is usually offered in larger language café settings.

Eos Cares Language Tandem Program is a free language exchange platform, aimed at creating slightly larger, bilingual language tandem groups, with up to six people in each. For example, a group can consist of three people who have Swedish as their mother tongue, but who want to practice French and three people who have French as their mother tongue and want to practice their Swedish.

You teach me your language, I’ll teach you mine

Many other language combinations will also be offered, all based on the participants' interests and needs. These groups should, when the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, be able to meet physically, but also have good opportunities to meet and have conversations online. To facilitate the meetings, one person in each group must be appointed group leader, who calls, fixs coffee and facilitates the meetings. If one or a couple of group members cannot participate at any one time, not everything stands and falls with it, but the remaining people can still have a good and regular language exchange and social interaction with each other. Another intention is to be able to regularly hold language-oriented seminars / lectures for all Language Tandem participants.

The Language Tandem Program Group Leader. Hannah is the leader of the German/Swedish Group and Andre is the leader of the Spanish/Swedish Group.

We are collecting applications, and creating Tandem Groups to build language fluency in the most efficient way. Lately, we have created five Tandem groups to start practice and learn languages with native speakers. The groups will meet up for conversation exchange via online meeting platforms. The ongoing Tandem Groups are the following: ➤Swedish - German Group. ➤Swedish - French Group. ➤Swedish - Persian Group. ➤Swedish - Spanish Group. ➤Swedish - Brazilian/ Portuguese Group.

Get matched with a Tandem Group that meets your interests and conditions. Read about how it works, and upload your request at

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