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Full House at Seminars on the Swedish Job Market

On consecutive Wednesday evenings, the Eoshallen conference room has filled up for a series of seminars on the Swedish job market. The idea is simple - a panel is set up by participants of various Eos Cares activities who have been successful in finding a job within the region, and they share their experiences with other participants who are currently going through the process.

The series covers three phases of the job seeking process. In the first part, called "Search & Apply for a Job in Sweden", the panel discussed their strategies for job searching and how they set up their CV and cover letter. The second part, "Going to a Job Interview", covers the interview process with advice for preparations, questions to expect and thought about how to make the right impression. Finally, the third part "Working Culture in Sweden" which will be held on November 21st, will bring up experiences of getting involved in the Swedish company structures and work group communities.

Behind the seminar series is Eos Cares Project Leader Susanne Roosen-Runge, who is also responsible for the job-search accelerator program at the International Citizen Hub of Lund.

- We don't have a formula for finding a job, but we try to cover the questions that international job seekers are most interested in. It is not a lecture, instead we want to set it up as an interactive session where everyone participates in developing the agenda and the panel can share experiences of their own job seeking process that they think could be valuable for someone in the same situation.

Looking for a job is hard work for anyone, and of course the challenge increases when combined with moving to a new country. To many international job seekers, it is encouraging simply to meet others with a similar background that have been successful in finding a job. And it also brings relief to hear first-hand that the job seeking process in Sweden may not be that much different from what they are used to.

From Eos Cares perspective, we are glad to be able to offer a forum and a spark of motivation for people in need, and we are very thankful for the panel and the participants in their enthusiasm of sharing knowledge and experiences. Facebook event for the final event will be announced soon, and the series will be repeated and further developed during 2019.

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