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The Internship Experience | Sarah Kahal - Project Manger.

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

My name is Sarah Kahal and I am 27 years old. I moved to Sweden in January, 2014 with my family. I started my internship at Eos Cares in September 2020, as part of my degree in International migration and ethnic relation (IMER) at Malmö university. During my internship, I was in charge of the communication team and a team member of the following meeting places and social activities: the Eos Cares Language Café, the introduction program "Welcome to Lund”, and the Eos Cares Language Tandem Program. I was also involved in the project Prisma, which aims to enhance access to leisure time activities for refugees and other underprivileged population groups in Lund. Handling both external and internal communication, planning and carrying out events, handling administration and leading a team of interns.

The internship with Eos Cares has been greatly beneficial to me. Eos Cares provided support, freedom and trust to its interns and volunteers. It has developed my professional aptitude, gained confidence, and enhanced my opportunity to find a job after graduation. I am so grateful for this opportunity, where all the team members can share information efficiently and exchange ideas in various ways. Most of the Eos Cares’ programs are important for migrants and for the society they have moved into. I love all the programs and activities, because it helps newcomers integrate into society. The internship at Eos Cares has enhanced my practical experience and knowledge, gained new professionals skills, this will give me competitive advantages in the future. I really apparticatiet working alongside with the Eos Cares team and learning more about non-profit organizations from the inside.

I totally recommend Eos Cares as an internship place, if you are looking for a friendly, comfortable, and positive atmosphere. Eos Cares was a wonderful and valuable experience, helping you develop useful, communication, teamwork, and managerial skills.

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